Finn Filmklub: The White Reindeer


2020. december 9. 19.00 Toldi Távmozi
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Cikkszám: 202012091900TD


The White Reindeer | Valkoinen Peura | 74min | 1952 | original version with English subtitles
Director: Erik Blomberg
Producer: Aarne Tarkas
Screenplay: Mirjami Kuosmanen and Erik Blomberg.

A newly wed woman, Pirita, goes to the local shaman to get help with her lovelife, but instead gets cursed and turns into a white reindeer.

The movie won a Golden Globe for best foreign movie in 1956 and in Cannes the best fairytale film award in 1953. The movie has been praised for its cinematography and haunting imagery. The White Reindeer is inspired by Finnish and Sámi folklore and is one of the very few movies depicting Sámi folklore on screen.