Finn Filmklub: The Village Shoemakers


2021. január 9. 19.00 Toldi Távmozi
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Cikkszám: 202101091900TD


Nummisuutarit | 93 min | 1957 | original version with English subtitles

Director: Valentin Vaala
Producer: Ilmari Unho
Screenplay adaptation: Ilmari Unho, Usko Kemppi, Valentin Vaala (Based on a play written in 1864 by Aleksis Kivi.)

Directed by Valentin Vaala in 1957, The Village Shoemakers is the third film version of a play written by the Finnish author Aleksis Kivi. The Village Shoemakers takes place in the countryside in the 1800s. In the film Esko, who has just been rejected by his foster sister Jaana, is travelling to propose to the beautiful Kreeta to be his wife. Esko is joined by Mikko in his quest to get a wife and their journey does not really go as planned.